Oil Painting

At the moment I paint in oils to give a more natural look and feel to the painting. I really enjoy painting, visualising the magic of nature. In this medium I can really capture the range of colours of nature from its fresh vivid greens to fiery reds and golden yellows. With my current paintings I use quite runny paint, splattering it on to the canvas. This gives the sense of raw energy to the painting. Then some of this paint runs, which I then control, dabbing off any excess.

Waterfalls are a key theme in my painting as they form a major feature in the landscape. They are great high energy places where rivers plunge down carving out the earth on a lower course.

The natural world is truly beautiful. I capture how the sun’s rays pour down on these peaceful environments and bounce off the surfaces. I search out places where man has had little impact. These places are very delicate and can be easily destroyed by us and never be replaced. Natural untouched places are important to us and the whole world as they give us calm environments to think and have time out as well as important habitats for wildlife.